Monday, August 28, 2017

Ok how’s it going. It’s been going pretty good here in Mexico. Many things happened this week. 

I did get a little bit of rain this week but just a little bit. Someone told me that there was a tornado in San Antonio I was like a tornado. I don’t think so. Maybe flooding but tornados are in Oklahoma. 

I also got a call from the Executive Secretary asking me where I’m going to go when I go home. I told him Atlanta. That was a little weird. I think they send y’all the itinerary. I haven’t got one yet. Who knows. 

Yesterday-Sunday, we all gave talks, the four missionaries. I was like so what theme do you want and they were like obra misional, missionary work I was like again I hate giving that talk. That’s like the get up and roast the ward for not helping us baptize. Because when we finish were like super happy but the whole ward hates us 

So Rosy, our investigator, was going to get baptized last Saturday. But like Tuesday, she told us she wasn’t ready. We  were like yes you are but I think that week she had had a rough time in work and home and family and was a little depressed so we postponed it I think until 2 weeks later. It’s cool because yesterday we had a super powerful lesson where we all felt the spirit. She has read from 1 Nephi to Mosiah 4 already. It’s crazy.

Victor, another investigator, will get baptized this Saturday. Hopefully he goes and doesn’t wait longer. He’s cool because he’s a snow cone guy too. He’s gone to church like 5 times and given 2 testimonies in church.

Oh I got my packages thanks. 

Well that was my week we made tortillas of flour so that was fun and yummy maybe when I get home I’ll make y’all some. 

Élder Nelson
Hacienda 1
Misión Ciudad Juárez México

Monday, August 21, 2017

Ok. So supposedly today was the eclipse. It was funny because I found out last Monday when y’all told me but I didn’t pay much attention until today in the morning a sister called us and begged us not to go outside. She was like Elders today there’s going to be an eclipse so don’t leave the house between the hours of 9 and 11. That’s when we had the eclipse here. My companion was like thankyou sister but don’t worry we’ll be fine. Then we got a message from the APs saying Today there will be an eclipse it can burn out your eyes forever. Don’t risk it. Don’t be stupid. So, I was like well so much for seeing the eclipse. 

Today instead of seeing the eclipse we went to the zoo. So, the joke here is that the zoo is made up of all the animals that the government took away from the narco: Drug dealers. In the zoo, there is an ostrich, a giraffe, peacocks, pigeons, ducks, turtles, a cactus field, four coke machines, and a middle school. Pretty weird zoo. But can’t complain its Juarez.

So, they raised the price of the buses here. It was 6 pesos when I got here. Then it was 7. Now it’s 8. By the time I leave I’ll have to pay a full dollar. It’s kind of crazy. Same trashy buses one peso more.  

We met some Christian missionaries in the zoo. They asked us a bunch of questions. I told them that I’m here in Mexico and that Marshall is in Australia. I lied and said that Heidi was in Italy well not too big of a lie in like two weeks she’ll be there. I think that I left them jaw gasping is that how you say it no se anyways the point is that they were amazed. Pretty cool. 

Sadly, nobody went to church. We invited 29 people and not one showed up. We were pretty upset. I think that the reason was that it rained Sunday and here it doesn’t rain that much. I think that they were more afraid of the rain than the eclipse. Hopefully this week we’ll find some good investigators.

Glad to hear that Marshall digo Elder Nelson Jr got to Australia goodly.

Monday, August 7, 2017

So, this week was pretty good. I got sent back to Azteca Ward. It´s pretty funny because I was here like 14 months ago and everyone is like elder I have seen you before where did I see you and I’m like right here but like a year and a half ago. It’s funny also because the elder who was here before me was named Thompson and I’m Nelson, it’s like the same name just shorter. And then the crazy thing is that I found out that Elder Thompson is also a Spencer. Weird right.  

I love the house here because it has a washing machine. What a blessing I mean seriously washing by hand is a little bit of a pain in the rear end. The bad thing is that he we don’t have a kitchen sink we wash the dishes in the bathroom sink. That’s really weird.  

Anyways, so we decided today that we were going to go jump over the puddle like they say it here. I sent you fotos in the google drive. It’s pretty cool. You can see the Rio Bravo and the X and El Paso and the line. We had to pay 4 pesos or a quarter to get over the bridge getting back was free. So cool. My mission was Tex-Mex. 

Our district is pretty cool. I’m from Ohio, my companion is from Chiapas MX, the other elders are from Dallas TX and La Republica Dominicana. The Tejano his dad is from Germany and the Dominican his dad is Gallego (Spain) and his abuelo is Retired Spanish air force. Cool right.

It’s a pretty cool district. I’m glad to be back here. It’s weird getting a bunch of emails from everyone because now Heidi and Marshall I mean Sorella Nelson y Elder Nelson are in the mission

Anyways enjoy the fotos