Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and dead people day. I hope that you guys don´t get a bunch of canker soars and cavities from all of the candy. I’m not really sure if the Chona is going to have a party because I´ve never been in Mexico in oct 31 and this will be my last time so I’ll have to pay good attention. 

So this week was a little bit rough but it valed the pena (españgles). It was worth all of the pain. So this Sunday was really cool I felt like Elsa in Frozen when she sings “for the first time in forever” because we finally had investigators in the chapel. I probably looked ridiculous when they came in because my face was like when the little kids know something that you don´t know and they have that grin. It was really cool. 

The family that came is actually really interesting because they are like Lamanitas but the Nefitas that joined up not to be killed in the end so not really Lamenaites but close. They live right in front of a member and they came here from Guerrero Mexico to work in the fields. What´s really interesting and cool but frustrating and sometimes hard is that their first language is Mixteco which is a dialect of Mexican which is a dialect of Spanish as my Colombian companero would say. SO it´s cool but teaching is a little bit harder. When we say “will you read the Book of Mormon and pray about it” they can´t read. The truth is that they can talk but they don´t really understand concepts because they are not very educated. But they came to church so that´s good enough for me.

Actually, now that I think about it Ascension is a lot like the movie McFarland. They work in the field and I saw a quince años once so that was similar. They don´t run here but they have a high school with a soccer team I think. But it´s cool. 

Well I´ll let you guy enjoy all of your candy. Send me pictures of your costumes.  

Monday, October 24, 2016

I hope that you guys have had a great week. Hopefully it’s starting to cool down and is feeling fresher. 

This week that passed went really good for us. The mission made a goal that every area would pass the goal of 22 lessons this week. We started off the week really rough. Tuesday we didn`t have anything at all. By Thursday we had only 7 lessons and a deficit of 15 lessons only to reach 22. So Wednesday we kicked into high gear and ended up getting 7 lessons and Saturday 6 and Sunday we ended the week with 23 lessons. I was really happy because I didn`t think that we were going to get anywhere close.
Here we have the carnival in town. I think that they are packing it up right now but it was a fun two weeks. I didn`t go on any rides or visit any of the shops but we had a bunch of contacts in the street.
Sometimes as missionaries we get really defensive about our areas. We are like the dogs that say (bark) MY YARD MY YARD MY YARD. Sometimes we get frustrated with the other elders when none of our investigators show and they have a family of 8 in the meeting. What helps me is to really listen and to never complain. I have learned a lot of patience here. When the leaders make changes instead of fighting against it I always try to beat the goal. The best thing that has helped me is to pray and pray and pray.
I have to go sorry for the short letter.

Monday, October 17, 2016

So I’m going to write you guys quick because time flies. So I got my new companion Tuesday. I was really excited but really nervous because I’ve never trained anyone before. I was also a little sad because I got along really good with my last companion. 

So this we have been contacting like crazy. The new missionaries (that can speak Spanish) are super excited and want to contact just about everyone. Sometimes I feel like I am walking one of those dogs that always chases squirrels. It´s really good but sometimes it´s a little weird. I remember that one time my companion made a contact. He always contacts by asking if they need help, mopping, sweeping, taking out trash. But this contact was a little funny because they were just sitting there not doing anything. The bad part is that they were migrants and so when my companion asked if they wanted help they asked for money and a place to stay. We soon found out the error and we kind of booked it to a different place. 

We had some really good lessons. We are a little jumbled up because were learning to work together but they were really good. We asked on Joven if he would be baptized if he knew these things are true. He said yes so that was pretty cool. 

Bueno pues (well then) I don’t have much time. Hopefully I’ll be able to write you all next Lunes.

Stay safe and have fun thanks for the letters and fotos. I felt really special when I saw two weeks of letters in my inbox. 

Hasta luego.