Monday, May 29, 2017

Well this week was pretty fun. So, on Monday I went to see the green bay packers. That was pretty fun. I had to walk a little bit but it was worth it. 

I had a super surprising call like Wednesday or Thursday. I talked to a member who accompanies us to visit an investigator. She is a single mom and her boyfriend is in jail. We were thinking about teaching the Law of chastity. I was like this is going to be easy. She has a boyfriend but he’s in jail. Anyways so the member calls us and is like she probably has a problem with this because she goes to visit him every Monday. And I was like what’s the problem with that. There’s obviously a glass wall between the two they can’t do anything, I’ve seen the movies I know how the jail is. And then he was like well here it’s a little bit different. So apparently here the jails are like super open. There are tiny stores and one can go to the jail cell and sit with and talk with and hug and everything. I was like what that’s crazy. That’s not fair. I thought this was going to be easy. Guess I was wrong. That was weird.

We had stake conference yesterday. It was pretty fun. We took all of our investigators in one car. we were 12 people all crammed into a mini SUV with only 5 seats. Only in Mexico. The funny part is that there was still room for like one adult and 4 kids more. It was crazy but pretty awesome.  

We have an investigator that is pretty funny. We went to teach him and he was drunk so we were like so normally how much do you drink every day and he was like yeah every day and we were like no how much. Like 1 .... 2, 3 ,4 4. And we were like awe man this is going to be a hard baptism to pull off. 

What a crazy week right. Anyways I’ll let y’all go. Love y’all lots.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This was a very good but a very hard week. As far as the numbers go we had a very, very good week. Right now, we have three families that are getting ready to be baptized. Diego and his wife are really good. Diego has come like three times but his wife was working Sundays. We taught about the day of rest and Sunday Diego told us that his wife was switching shifts to be able to respect this law. That was pretty cool. We just have to get them married but that should be pretty easy if they keep coming to church.
Another family that we have is Miara Lizet and her three kids. She was a reference by a member in a different ward. This live super far away but we ended up organizing a ride for them and they came to church and they loved it. The good thing is that her boyfriend is in Jail so we shouldn’t have to worry about the law of Chasity.
The last family we are teaching is Roberto and his two kids. Hopefully we’ll be able to teach the wife and the other son. It’s super cool because Every time we see them they smile and wave instead of everyone else that runs and hides.
We are finally in our chapel again. That was so nice because we didn’t have to go to pick everyone up.
It was really funny because our convert sometimes acts like a 4-year-old and other time acts like a 27-year-old. Yesterday he was more like a 4-year-old. We played the last one to touch your nose does the prayer and he lost so they asked him to do the pray. He was like no I don’t want to do it. No someone else. It’s because I just ate and I think it made me sick. I was pretty funny everyone was like ok whatever and then he ended up picking me. Oh well.
Anyways, like I said it was a pretty hard week. We ended up having 30 lessons which is the expectation here but it was so hard. We ended up getting to Sunday with 25 lessons. We were like oh that’s ok we have 5 appointments and with that we should have the 30 lessons. All five fell through. When the 3rd fell I was like are you kidding me that’s like the 20th appointment that has fallen through this week. I was so tired of contacting but that was the way it went so we contacted 3 more lessons and then we found two less actives to teach. I was pretty worn out emotionally.
Hopefully this week will be easier.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Well this week was kind of a surprising one. So, we were teaching one of our investigators Josafath. It was pretty funny because for like a week we would show up and we were like today we're going to talk about baptism and he would be like ahhhh again! So we did it just one more time and we were like you have to get baptized and we talked all about the good things about being baptized and he was like OK I’ll get baptized and I was like yes and then like 5 seconds later he’s like no actually I don’t want to get baptized and it was frustrating. Anyways so we keep talking and we end up saying when you’re a member..... and he was like but I’m already a member and we were like no, and he was like but I go to church every Sunday and I was like I know but you have to be baptized so in the end he ended up understanding and was like if that’s the case I want to be baptized this Saturday and I was like I’m down for that. So, it was a quick baptism that almost nobody knew about and Sunday everyone was like what there was a baptism. That’s when I kind of figured out that the ward mission leader didn’t invited anyone else. But it was good. It was cool because the one with a tie in the picture is a recent convert of about 3 months that baptized the Josefath.

Other than that, we got had to practically run from one end of the ward to the other end to get to the house in time. They gave us dinner and we practically finished at like 8:30 with the lesson so we did a desert version of the Olympic speed walking marathon. My companion would have been disqualified because he was definitely trotting there. We got to the house so tired. I was like El....der.....we’ Its funny because I’m sure that we thought we’re were booking it but the rest were probably seeing it more like the walking dead. There was a point where we were walking and I thought that a cholo was going to rob us. Because we passed one group of cholos and there was another one in front of us so one of the cholos ran to catch up to the other one at the same time we were passing them. I was so tired that it wasn’t possible to run or anything I just gave him a look like I’m tired and you're scary looking and I only have 7 pesos for the bus. It was funny.   

We have a bunch of families with baptism dates but I didn’t tell y’all that because when I do they all fall through and you think that I’m a liar. So we don’t have anything (hint hint)

I have to go but have a great week