Monday, September 18, 2017

So I had a kind of bummerish week. So Sunday we got the changes and my companion left for Casa Grandes. So, Tuesday I went to leave him in the offices and my companion is elder Díaz from Honduras. Ok moving on to the bummerish part is after the changes I went to the food appointment and I’m pretty sure that there I got food poisoned. Maybe the ward didn’t want me to stay around but either way I was down for the count Tuesday until Saturday. This week was independence week and boy was I spewing all kind of colors. They must of seen me really Mexican because I had red white and green coming all out of me. Gross. 

Saturday was the party in the ward. We went but it was pretty lame. We started with the grito that the bishop gave but a lousy less active called me to bother us and I was like ah man I wanted to hear the grito. Then they did the national anthem. But us four missionaries were all lost, Two Texanos, one Hondureño and the worst one Dominicano. After stumbling through the song they started a skit by the primary, it was Pinocchio. I thought maybe somehow Pinocchio was going to make his way into the story of Mexico but after it finished I was like are you kidding me this has nothing to do with today. It should of been about Morales or Hidalgo or Zaragoza. but Pinocchio has nothing to do with Mexico in fact it’s from Italy but they did a good job either way. Afterwards they asked the Dominicano elder to say the prayer on the food. He was like but I’m not even Mexican. Then he gave the mic to an old blind guy that they brought and he started singing Mexico Mexico it was pretty funny.

Victor got confirmed finally. I almost grabbed the microphone afterwards to start singing the hymn that goes VICTORY VICTORY. I actually got to do the confirmation which was really fun because I’d never done it before. 

So well have fun picking up brush. Here’s some fotos that I took with my companions. 

Élder Nelson
Azteca 2
Misión Ciudad Juárez México

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Well that’s kind of cool that you guys are passing through the hurricane right now. Someone told me that there was going to be a hurricane in Florida I was like ah that’s okay my family lives super inland I think. I didn’t think that you all would have so much rain. Here it’s still dry and hot.

So our transfer ended yesterday. I’m entering my last cycle or last 6 weeks. It’s a little weird especially because this week my friends are going home. So my companion got transferred he’s going to Casas Grandes so he’ll have fun. My new companion is Elder Dias one from Honduras I think.  That makes 6 nationalidades for companions in my mission. USA, MX, COL, BOL, GUA, HDZ.

We had 5 people in sacrament meeting. That was pretty cool. They also had the primary program. It was cool. In the ward there are only like 12 kids. So they almost all got to get up two times. 

Well anyways I hope to see Heidi’s letter next week. It’s crazy that we’re in 3 different continents. I hope that y’all have a great Independence Day this week. Oh wait that’s just for Mexicans. Well y’all can celebrate it too.

Élder Nelson
Azteca 2
Misión Ciudad Juárez México

Monday, August 28, 2017

Ok how’s it going. It’s been going pretty good here in Mexico. Many things happened this week. 

I did get a little bit of rain this week but just a little bit. Someone told me that there was a tornado in San Antonio I was like a tornado. I don’t think so. Maybe flooding but tornados are in Oklahoma. 

I also got a call from the Executive Secretary asking me where I’m going to go when I go home. I told him Atlanta. That was a little weird. I think they send y’all the itinerary. I haven’t got one yet. Who knows. 

Yesterday-Sunday, we all gave talks, the four missionaries. I was like so what theme do you want and they were like obra misional, missionary work I was like again I hate giving that talk. That’s like the get up and roast the ward for not helping us baptize. Because when we finish were like super happy but the whole ward hates us 

So Rosy, our investigator, was going to get baptized last Saturday. But like Tuesday, she told us she wasn’t ready. We  were like yes you are but I think that week she had had a rough time in work and home and family and was a little depressed so we postponed it I think until 2 weeks later. It’s cool because yesterday we had a super powerful lesson where we all felt the spirit. She has read from 1 Nephi to Mosiah 4 already. It’s crazy.

Victor, another investigator, will get baptized this Saturday. Hopefully he goes and doesn’t wait longer. He’s cool because he’s a snow cone guy too. He’s gone to church like 5 times and given 2 testimonies in church.

Oh I got my packages thanks. 

Well that was my week we made tortillas of flour so that was fun and yummy maybe when I get home I’ll make y’all some. 

Élder Nelson
Hacienda 1
Misión Ciudad Juárez México