Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Last day in the mission. I'm going to see y'all in like 2 days from now. I'm not going to write much because I can just tell it to y'all in like 48 hours so. I love you all. I know that the work is real and that's all y'all.
Élder Nelson
Azteca 2
Misión Ciudad Juárez México

Monday, October 16, 2017

Last week in the mission field

Last week in the mission field! 

So lots of things have happened this week. On Monday I went downtown and spent the day there. Going downtown is like the only cool thing that I can do all week and even then it’s not even cool at all. 

Tuesday I was going to go to the temple with Elder Yoc but on Monday I learned that there was going to be a meeting at the same time. So I sent my companion with Elder Yoc and I stayed around in the offices until it was time for the meeting. First we went to the grocery store to eat bread for dia de los muertos. (I thought that was super timely) Then we went to central park and did scripture study there. Then we went to the meeting for the people who are going home. There are 8 of us that are going home. It was pretty cool.

During the week we worked really hard and had 14 new investigators. It was crazy because we had almost 30 lessons. One day we had 9 lessons. It was pretty crazy. We also have been going to this tire shop and we put 3 dates for baptism. Too bad I won’t be here for that. It’s kind of funny because their names are Adolf, Martin, and White Dude. Weird right. That is something that is really common that they call each other white, black, Chinese, skinny, fat, short, tall. The funniest part is that we’re in a lesson and we say do you think that your wife wants to listen and he’s like yeah hey Fatty get over here and a super skinny lady walks in. We’re like are you joking but I guess that’s the way they show love here. 

Sundays crack me up here. Last Sunday we had a birthday party for a toddler and this week we were singing the first hymn. The piano guy was playing but he missed a whole chunk of the last line. So we’re singing and singing and then the song ends and we’re like wait we’re not done with the first line. And he starts the second line and we are like so do we finish the first line or are we moving on to line two? Line one we sang and then 2 and 3 was a piano solo because we  were all too confused to sing. I mean it’s bad if the missionaries aren’t singing. Line 4 was like finish strong so we sang what we could until the music stopped. Super funny. So in priesthood the dad of the piano guy was teaching us to sing the song but when he played it the second time it was still weird but there was enough music to spread the words out 

Also on Sunday the bishop told the whole ward that this was my last Sunday (next Sunday is stake conference). So he made me give my testimony again-2 weeks in a row. Afterwards the whole ward was like see you, bye and don’t get married in a week and weird things like that. It was funny.

So that was my week. I hope you all have a good day. I’ll see half the family in like a week and a half. 

Que se cuiden mucho,
Élder Nelson
Azteca 2
Misión Ciudad Juárez México

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Good afternoon,

So this week was actually pretty fun. We had a cool experience that happened to us. Martin, our investigator, lives in front of a tire shop. Sometimes he goes over there to hang out with his friends. We went looking for him and we found him in the tire shop. We started teaching his friends and in the week we ended up finding 6 new people in that shop to teach. It was pretty crazy. We were teaching them like crazy because they were probably the nicest and most opened people we have ever met. By the time the week ended we finished teaching lesson 1, 2, 3, and the WoW. We invited  them to church and out of the six, two ended up coming which was really cool. We talked to them afterwards and they said that they really like the church. 

I don’t remember if I told y’all about Ruben. The thing is that he drinks and takes drugs and stuff like that but wants to stop. We have been teaching him for some days now and we gave him a blessing to stop drinking. The next day we asked him how it was going not drinking. he told us that he was throwing up all night because of the alcohol and that it wasn’t as tasty as before. That was cool. Well, more cool for us than him. Then we blessed his house because it was a little bit haunted. Before when I went in the house I would feel uncomfortable but right after the blessing it changed so much that I felt so comfortable that I could stay all night. Pretty cool miracles right.

Well, that was the week. Ah funny thing that happened in church. We’re in the second hour and I’m teaching Gospel Principles and a brother told me that we had to finish up quick because everyone was waiting for us. I thought that was weird because I had 10 minutes more of class. As soon as I said that we were going to have to end early everyone got super talkative and started making commentaries. So I had to shut everyone up and go see what was up. We leave the class and in the room where everyone was there was a giant cake. I was like are you kidding me? It’s the middle of fast Sunday and they’re going to eat cake. So, apparently the girl of the former bishop was turning 1 year old and they gave everyone cake. So that was our priesthood class. Singing happy birthday to a 1 year-old and only me and my companion rejecting the cake. ah crazy.

Hopefully that wasn’t like your Sunday.

Love y’all lots

Elder Nelson

Monday, October 2, 2017

So, I had a pretty good time in the conference general. I really like the talk by Élder Uchdorf and the last one by Élder Andersen. It was a pretty good conference. I learned a lot of things in every talk. I especially like the talk by the Brazilaño that said that he made a list of 10 chicas that he wanted to date. I thought that was a really good idea but the only ten chicas that I know don’t live in the state I’m returning to so N/A.
So, here in the district we are four strangers. 2 Gringos, a Hondureño and a Dominicano. So the other gringo wanted to see the conference in English so they set up his personal conference in the bishops office while the rest of us Latinos stayed and watched it in Spanish. But then I felt bad for leaving my paisano all alone so the last session I watched it in English with him. It was pretty funny because I was taking notes and when he looked at what I had written. he started laughing he said man your so screwed when you get back to the US. The reason why is because my notes looked something like this:
1) We should always pray to God
       * Podemos orar en cada situación
       * No debemos usar el nombre de Dios en vano
2) We need to empruve our ability to be spearichual

So he was laughing because I would write something in English and then in Spanish even though they said it in English and then there were words that I would write like how it sounds instead of how you write it. It was pretty sad.
The day before the conference we worked super hard because we were going to lose 2 entire days for the conference. So the only appointment we had fell through so we contacted. We ended up having 9 new investigators that day. The weekly goal was 10 so with the other 3 we had gotten in the week we were good to go.
well that was my week. Here are some cool fotos from the week. well there are actually a few so I’m going to send it in google drive. Hasta luego.

Élder Nelson
Azteca 2
Misión Ciudad Juárez México