Monday, July 24, 2017

So this week was a pretty good week. We actually had a really cool spiritual experience this week. 

So on Monday we were contacting in the street and we stopped and started talking to this one guy. We invited him to hear the message and he said sure so we started talking. We shared the message and all and it felt normal. We made an appointment and left. Then we got a phone call from a sister who lives in a different ward in a different stake in the mission. Last week she had wanted to go with us to visit her friend who lives in our area. We were planning on meeting in the towers but because of her schedule we never really got to go to the reference. The week before she had canceled like three times. She calls us and is like did you guys contact this guy. I was like yesss. And she was like this was the reference. Apparently that night she posted the Book of Mormon in Facebook and her friend was like look what I have (the Book we had given him). the friend thought that the member had sent us to find him and she was like no they just follow the spirit and showed up´. That was pretty cool.

Other than that, we have been fighting against dust storms all week. Last week was wet and this week dusty. I sent y’all a video of the companionship in the adjacent area when the storm hit. Crazy right. When we got hit I was walking past a spot where the bus always picks up the factory workers and I saw that someone had dropped their safety glasses. Oh, I was so happy. I wore those glasses so happy and then my companion was like hey man you’re more use to this than me so I gave him the glasses. Its really weird how that works but the people who live in Juarez almost don’t feel the dust. Like I feel it hit my eyes but they’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t hurt as much as my companion that is almost paralyzed by it. 

Then yesterday we were walking home at night and off in the distance it was raining and lightening. And we saw some big lightning. So, we’re walking home and suddenly the street lamps turn on right above us but it turned on kind of slow or I don’t know but the way it turned on me and my companion thought that a lightning was going strike us. We almost had a heart attack because everything got bright. Then we realized that it was the street lamp and we started laughing.

Crazy stuff. Can’t wait to see two new missionaries on Wednesday. Have a great week

Monday, July 17, 2017

I’m sorry to hear that this Georgia move has been kind of rough. I know how it is. Literally; this week I got to feel what it’s like to move again. Wednesday, I got a call from the Executive Secretary of the mission president. I sent him my new address on Monday so I thought maybe it was something about that but he just said that he was coming over so I was like Elder grab the broom, I’m washing dishes, you’re on guard duty, like we always did when the home teachers were coming. Then all of the mission practically (5 elders) showed up in their minivan and came in the house. They were like ok so you guys are moving houses. Which meant that we were going back into the house that they took me out of four months ago. I was like yes get me out of this rat pit. So, they were like you have the keys right and I was like yeeeeeeeeeee no. The sisters have it. So, waiting for the sisters to give us the keys three elders went to sleep on my bed while I played tazos with Elder Galindo. The sisters took forever getting the keys. They ended up saying that they would come back at night to get the house moved. At 7 we went home and started packing everything up. We got all of the house packed up everything even the bed and all the kitchen in an hour and a half. When the secretaries got there, and they saw that we had everything clean and packed, were kind of shocked. I was like man I do this every three years it’s not that hard. Anyways we move like two suit cases and the ac in the van and then they’re like alright I think you can do the rest right. I was like no I hate moving by hand so the next day we used our tables like cots and put everything on it and the we moved it to the other house. Good thing it’s a block over but we were stupid and put all the fluffy pillows and blankets on one and then all of the heavy Books of Mormons and all that on the other. The first one was like oh this is easy and the next was the right left stop take a break, right left stop again. So glad there are no more tables. And then unpacking and all that. Such a hassle. 

Then we got hit by two massive rain storms. Being here in the desert no one knows what to do with so much rain. Both times we got hit right as we left an appointment. The first time we were outside teaching a lesson because the guy didn’t want to let us pass. We were in the part of “I saw a pillar of light” when it started raining. Don’t worry we’ll go under the tiny half a porch the neighbor had. Then the guy is like come back a different day. He went inside and we stayed under the little porch. Then the wind changed directions and hijole we started getting soaked. We were huddled up against the wall then we booked it to another shelter. Standing outside of the elementary school; good thing they had a little covering. The rain stops 1 hour later and we walk out and all of the roads are flooded. So we’re already wet so we walk up to knee high water just getting to the house to dry up. Same thing happened two days later. We found even less shade. We ended up running over to the flea market. We were standing there and we saw a sister who worked there taking stuff to her car we were like maybe if we help her she’ll give us a ride to the food appointment. We were like sister do you need help. No, I’m good. Shoot, plan ruined. We end up getting two plastic bags to cover our back packs not that it’s going to help because it’s all soaked anyways. We get to the food appointment and the sister was like Hijole your soaking wet so she gave us her husband’s shirts and socks and almost everything to put on. 

In all it was a crazy week. that was pretty much it. I think. Have a great week.