Monday, November 28, 2016

Well happy Thanksgiving. I don´t want to brag but I’m pretty sure my Thanksgiving was the best one in the mission. Wednesday, we got a call from Pres. Bluth. He´s one of the old Branch presidents that lives in Ascension but goes to Dublan. He called us up and invited us up to his ranch for thanksgiving dinner. We got there and as soon as we got to the door it was like entering Salt Lake City Utah. Beautiful house, blondies, and English. They were like ¨Hi elders come on in¨ That´s when I knew it was going to be great. There was the hermano, hermana and their kids, 2 from Dublan one from Utah and one from Texas. That was really cool because I’m from Texas and the other American in the district is from Utah. It’s really interesting because E. Wilson, my companion, and I, we all speak English. The other companion speaks very little. It was a bit backwards from normal. We started speaking English but by the end I gave up and we ended up eating Ham, turkey, chicken, Mac and cheese, rolls, oh , rolls, stuffing, and a bunch of other stuff that I already forgot about. So, we loaded up and started to eat. E. Jimenez el MX was pretty astonished. He loaded up his plate until their wasn´t any more room. It was really funny because he was really happy. Afterward he went for the Jell-O like three times. We told him to slow down because we still had the pies ahead of us but I don´t think that he really understood that the pies are like round two. We did that thing where you say what your grateful for. I heard something about Kohls skinny jeans and other weird stuff that they don´t have here in Mexico. Afterwards we ate pie. I had pumpkin, pecan and an oreo cream pie. I also had blue bell ice cream. That was cool. Elder Jimenez like I said wasn´t really expecting the pie but he loaded up anyways. 5 minutes later he was stuffed and couldn´t eat any more. it was pretty funny. So, with a full belly we went back to town flying down dirt country roads in a Polaris or one of those half cars half go carts.

The kids had a primary program this Sunday. It was really cool to see the kids acting and singing. Their theme was Yo sé que las escrituras son verdaderas. I know that the scriptures are true. It was really neat. We also got to teach the primary about the sacrament. that was fun. 

Well I’ll let y’all go. I hope that you have a fun vacation. Stay safe in school. Keep up the good work. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

So this week was really good but spiritual and fun. Not that spiritual stuff isn´t fun but it was good.

Last Monday was so funny. After writing we went to the health center with the other Elders in search of a nurse, who was a contact. So we are walking there I was with E. Wilson and our companions were together. We entered the building first and then the others came in but the building is a bit funky. It has a glass Wall in front that looks like one of the really professional doors that they have in hospitals but we are in Ascensión so it´s not a door it´s just a Wall. Then on the side there is a door. So we went in and our companions were too busy talking that they didn´t see us go in the door on the side. So they saw us on the other side of the glass and thought it was the door. They tried going through and were really confused how we got through and why the door wasn´t opening. It was really funny. I almost died laughing but I was in the hospital so I didn’t die.

Ok spiritual; so we have two families that are really cool that I have a lot of fondness (thank you google translate) for them. One is Guerrero and his family. They always pay a lot of attention and they actually understand. We taught them the Word of wisdom and they started telling us why coffee and tea was bad. It was really cool. They understood everything really well.

The other family is Virgilio and his family (it´s funny because Virgilio is from Guerrero but Guerrero isn´t from Virgilio). They are super cool. They are the ones who speak Mixteco. We are in the process of marrying them. They are Lamanites so they never really did the paperwork. Sometimes with them I feel like a licenciado, like a White collared, I don´t know it’s like a lawyer. So I feel like a lawyer because I make a bunch of calls to a bunch of people in the city council trying to fill out paperwork. I’m just missing a medical test that we’ll do Saturday and then the wedding the 1 of Dec. I’m really excited for them. The other Elder had a baptism so Virgilio was able to go to that and the church on Sunday.

We had a really weird situation this week. we knocked a few doors in the night to contact. We knocked a door and this old guy interrupts our “We’re missionaries from..” and said “come in come in.” So we went in and taught to the two really old people and we were like do you know who we are? Nope. Do you know what church we are from? Nope. I was like Stranger Danger right. I guess they just wanted a spiritual message about Jesús. I was a Little confused but it was good.

So here in La Chona we’re 4 missionaries. I’m training and in the other area Elder Wilson is also training. So our two sons remind me a lot of Tanner and Price. My companion is Tanner and the other is Price. So Tanner is from Colombia and well Price is Mexican. So Tanner will say something like cógelo which is a bad Word in Mexico but in Colombia it’s pick it up. So Price starts complaining to Tanner that he needs to learn Spanish. Sometimes E Wilson and I only sit there and laugh because of how silly their fights are. Yesterday I could only laugh because Tanner was trying to kick Price out of the house because he was eating a donut and some crumbs fell and he kept stepping on it. Then Price started teaching Tanner piano by doing a do ray me but with ah ah a a a ah a ah. I looked like they were monkeys. It´s really funny. They always crack me up.

Well we start a new cycle this week. They never called me even though I stayed up until 11:30 waiting so I don´t think that I have transfers.

Have a great week, Happy birthday to Mindy, Marshall and Dad and Tanner too because I know that it´ll slip pass me. Keep up the great work preaching to your friends. Help the missionaries.

Elder Nelson

Monday, November 14, 2016

So this week was really quite interesting.
This Wednesday was really weird but cool. We are trying to marry a family from Guerrero, our Oaxacitos. So in the morning we went to the county presidency and asked what we need to do to get married. I never thought that I would do that on my mission. It was a little fun.
Then in the afternoon I got a call from somebody we met in Casas who went to the States and was going to bring something back for us. I went to the plaza where we were going to meet up. We went and the sister got out of the car. She gave us a dozen of glazed donuts from Krispy Kreme for which I was super happy. Her boyfriend also got out of the car. I started talking to him and he told me that he´s from Utah but that right now he lives in Nashville. I found out that he´s 25 yrs old and that he served a mission in Chile. I was like that´s cool. I told him I’m from Texas and he told me that he has a sister serving a mission in Houston. I asked what was her name. He told me Jazzi. That´s not what I meant but cool right. I asked for the last name. Hermana Archuleta. I was like oh ok ohh ohhh so your David Archuleta right. I think that he must of thought I was stupid for not recognizing him right away. Sorry. At that point it clicked and I was like wow, David Archuleta came to the chona to bring me donuts from Krispy Kreme, what a great day. He then asked me if he could take a picture of us to send to his sister. I said sure that´s ok. It was a great day. I then went to the house and watched Meet the Mormons and when the song came on It´s Like a Symphony I was like ¨I know that guy, he brought me donuts¨
Jueves was fun because we had an activity in the branch. All of the missionaries in the zona came to the chona to find menos activos. I ended up going on visitas with Hno Robinson from the stake presidency and a new elder that just got here that had the same teacher in the CCM as me. It was really good. We only had time to visit two less actives but it was good.
Saturday, we went to Janos which is a pueblo in our area. It was the first time I have actually been there. We had to go do my Visa again because one year has passed. The secretaries that were going to accompany us showed up later than expected so we went to work and started contacting. It was really fun because I felt like one of the first missionaries who went to the towns and preached. They were really receptive which was awesome we had two lessons and 3 contacts in about 2 hours. I was really sad that I couldn´t stay and preach in Janos more. We had to catch a bus to Casas.
Sunday was hard because nobody showed up. We had a conference with all of Mexico where Elder Nelson and Hales spoke. It was really cool. But no one came which was sad. We went to the house to change afterward. Our landlady was in the bakery and gave us muffins. It was as if God said here you deserve a muffin for all the work you did.
This week was busy but good we reach almost all of our key indicators and had a total of 26 lessons. Overall it was a good week. I hope that you guys keep up the good work.