Monday, August 29, 2016

Here´s a photo that´s fresh out of the camera. 

I´m in a tiny town. We have about 13,000 people who live in the town. We have half and the other elders have half. We walk a lot. Actually, it was funny because yesterday we went on visits with a member who didn´t want to slow us down so he walked really fast, faster than normal which wore him out and us too. 

Well this was a really good week that we had. We ended up getting a lot of news and we had a bunch of lessons this week.

So I´ll tell you guys about one of the lessons I had with a less active this week. So we were there and we were talking with the less active about school (she´s 14 yrs old) and teaching lessons 2. The Plan of Salvation. So just like it says in Preach My Gospel (PMG) because we´re PMG missionaries, we taught about the life before life and the creation, Adam and Eve, and the troubles we have on earth. Then during this part her little sister grabbed a highlighter a wiggled and sprayed the whole room in color. I remember looking at the back part of the shirt of my companion and laughing because there were like 4 or 5 tiny drops of pink. It was pretty funny but then I saw my shirt that it had a few pink dots and my bag too. No worries like it says in Lesson 2 we all have challenges. Then I saw that my nametag too had a pink dot on the N of Nelson. So as my companion laughed at me we finished the day went home and I used on of those handy-dandy Wet Ones that mom sent me to purify my nametag. 

It was pretty fun because on Wed. we got to go to Col Dublan to pick up a new phone for the other elders in the area. We went early to Casas and got there about 9 am but the next bus didn´t leave until 11am so we had 2 hrs of free time. We ended up finding a convert of Elder Rodriguez before we left. It was a little weird because when we went to the commissary there was a Mennonite couple watching us. It was a little weird. 

I think that they coolest thing that happened this week is that we had an activity in the seconds (flee market). While we were there the president of the mission passed by because the highway is close by. We went and greeted him and he introduced us to Elder Ortiz I think an area seventy. That was cool. 

Well I´ll let you guys go. I hope that you guys have a good week and that all goes well. Remember to be member missionaries. Feed the missionaries food and referrals because that´s what makes us happy. 

Oh and I just saw in the bulletin that Johnson de Colorado got here today. 

Monday, August 22, 2016

How´s the family doing? I guess your all back in school huh. I know you’ll kill me for saying that but it’s true and you can’t deni it, deny it, diny it, you can’t lie about it. 

This week was really cool because we went to Casas Grandes (Big Houses) again but to listen to Elder Pieper it´s this guy.

It was really good and cool to see some of my old companions there too. It was a really good training meeting because he gave us some good advice for working in pueblos. He told us that we should focus on Family History and help the members and less actives with this. He also told us that when people ask us questions we should direct them to the Scriptures as the source not the missionaries

Saturday I taught English class to a bunch of kids 7-14 yrs old. It was fun but sometimes it´s hard because I saw the word but I’m so use to speaking Spanish that if I say it too much it sounds funny and I can’t say it right. It´s like when you say spoon 50 times in a row and afterwards you sound like you’re a little tipsy. 

This Sunday a couple of guys from Casas came to speak in the 1st hour. It was funny because my companion called him Wilford Woodruff because he had a huge black beard. Not quite Woodruff but close enough. It was a really good talk. Better than the normal ones because the members here usually get up and say. I haven´t prepared anything but I like this talk so I’m going to read it. But He talked about how we should wait for general conference like Christmas and prepare before so it isn´t a bother. It was a really good talk and it reminded me that we only have two chances to hear the words of the prophet.

We are doing something that is really cool which is that we write scriptures on a card and drop it off at the door of less actives and members. It´s a really good way to help them stay strong and come back to the church.

I have to go but I want to let you guys know that I love you and that you’re doing a great job. Have fun in school. Share the gospel with your friends. If they have questions send them to the missionaries. Till next time. Hasta luego.

Élder Nelson
Ascensión 1
Misión Ciudad Juárez México