Monday, May 30, 2016

This week was like a Boy Bag from Dollar Tree. It was full of all kinds of stuff. 

My companion got sick this week. I learned that I needed to take my companion to the doctor. We hiked, I believe, a good 3/4 of the way back to San Antonio to get there, I´m sure that we crossed the Border somewhere in there. When the doctor showed up to the clinic, after waiting the time of a General Conference prayer, we realized that the doctor was a high school dropout. 

After the clinic I made my poor companion walk all the way to Los Ojitos halfway up the mountain. There I almost chopped off the end of my finger trying to get a piece of glass out of my shoe that I thought was just a soft rock. (Don´t worry my finger´s all good). It was funny because the night before we made it to the doctor my companion was really sick. He told me if he didn´t wake up the next day to give a note to the nurse here that says ¨Thanks for trying¨. 

We met a guy who fights chickens here. It was really funny because when I showed up I was just replaying the scene in Napoleon Dynamite when he´s trying to get the chicken back in the cage and drinking the yoke stuff. I had a blast.

So this week we went to the offices but we showed up a little early and were just chilling there. Then we hear some sirens and two giant SWAT trucks and about three armed trucks raced down the high way. I was like wooo. What is going on. talked to some other elders but I have no Idea, they say that a couple of weeks ago they had El Chapo in the hotel next to the offices. Who knows.

The other elders had a baptism. It was good. I thought it was funny that they had to baptize in green cold water. The best part is that they throw in a gallon of Clorox to clear it up but it didn´t do anything and I´m sure that when the poor kids came out their eyes were probably burning. 

I was in the offices and got a glance at the changes and I think I´ll be moved somewhere else but I don´t know and I´m not sure. 

We are teaching about 10 people. They don´t come to church which makes me want ot pull my hair out.

That´s all of the time I have today. I hope yáll have a great summer. I´ll still be here sweating and burning. 

Elder Nelson

Monday, May 23, 2016

I have 15 minutes so I´ll make this quick. 

This week was pretty fun. We had divisions with the zone leaders so I stayed in my area and my old companion Elder Cottle came to my area. It was really fun because it was like back when we were back in Satélite. After that we went down town and my companion got glasses. 

We contacted this lady in the street the other day. It was really funny because when we stopped her she was super happy... like a little bit too happy. We gave her a card of Jesus and she was like and that was how the conversation went. She was probably buzzed because normally people aren’t that happy. 

We had a weird experience this week. We went to a lesson and we were teaching about the Restoration. Everything was going great. We had taught this family for about a month now and they have been reading praying and actually seemed interested. We were in the lesson teaching about ¿is Santiago Peter? eh, so we were reading Santiago 1:5 where is says if you aren’t smart pray to God for help. Then the lady said oh that´s really cool and there is another verse just like that in the Book of Mormon and she reads Moroni 10:3-5 with us. I don´t really know how she remembered, found it because she was reading in 1 Nefi. I was like whow she´s serious about this. So then were talking a little bit more and the someone calls ¨Yesenisa¨ (that´s her name), which is normal because she sells popsicles out of her house. So she leaves and comes back and says that the church that she goes to is here, or the missionaries are here. And we were like, ok. Sooo. Anyways, long story short we got 15 minutes and then we left and she called me during the food appointment the next day to say never to come back. Quien sabe que pasó. 

That is about all that happened this week.

Elder Nelson

Monday, May 16, 2016

This week flew by super fast. We were out teaching Sunday night and we finished a lesson at 8:00. When saw my watch I was like Noo we still have one more cita to make it to. That`s how it felt like all week.

On Tuesday we got to be capacitated by the President really early in the morning really far away. Right now where I am is up in the mountains and the meeting with president was back almost in my old area by the frontier. It was really good because I got to see some old friends I had in the CCM that I haven`t seen for a while. 

One of our investigators is really cool. It`s him and his mom, well more like his mom and him. They are always super fun to teach because they give us food and we have a lot of fun. We taught them more about the Restauración. When we asked him to come to church he said that he would love to. Then we told him the hour and he was like sorry I have my English classes then. Noooooooo. Why do you want to learn English? If I give you a folleto of the Restauración in English will you come to church? That and the Maquillas are the main reason people don`t come to church. 
Really the only other cool thing that happened this week was that this Saturday we went to Mariano Escobelo to help them find their less-actives. You guys probably think ¨Oh that`s really cool that you got to go look for lost sheep like Jesus. ¨ No I honestly felt like I was looking for lost sheep in the Mountain desert. We hiked up and down the mountain for about three hours looking for three houses. I guess we failed but we were on our own. My companion and I almost got to our area trying to find these houses. The hardest part is that all of the neighborhoods are named exactly the same except one is New one is old and one is H. I was cool though because we got a good view of the house (he’s referring to our house here at Randolph AFB in Texas). I think I saw what three people running around the track over there in Randolph. I think I saw a fourth person but he ran only about a lap and he was kind of tiny (Travis told Spencer how he went with Marshall, Tanner, Price and Preston to the track on Saturday-The boys all ran around the track while Travis timed them.). Not really but I got a good view.

That`s about it I didn´t take any fotos this week so I don´t have anything to show. Maybe next week. 

Elder Nelson