Monday, January 30, 2017

How´s it going y’all. So right now, we barely got back from an activity that I’ll tell y’all all about. It was funny because walking here my companion was freaking out saying that he´s afraid that his parents might be worried that he isn’t alright. I didn´t freak out too much because I’ve missed a week complete and you guys only roasted me a little bit.
Anyways so this P-day has been one of the funnest P-days we have ever had. So, a branch President from Phoenix AZ came down to the Chona city to see how his ranch was going. He invited us to come and help him out this morning. So, we all loaded up in his truck and we went out to the ranch. The plan is that this guy wants to sell all of the pigs because he wants to move the ranch to AZ, sell these pigs and buy new ones over there because he doesn´t want to live in MX anymore, So, the plan was to go and castrate Wilber and Porky so that they could get fat and sell good. First step was to chase down oinkers Jr. They are little bullets. He was a little baby about the size of a medium dog. We chased him around a bunch. It´s no joke being a cowboy. We finally cornered him. We all four lined up to block him but you have to have a lot of guts not to break the wall when he comes charging and even more to dive after him. Needless to say, he broke through and got away. So, he finally cornered himself again and the real rancher dude when in and got him. We then each got a leg and took him over to the operation-wheelbarrow-table. That is a real fight. I think that it is easier to contain a drugged up body builder than little oinkers. Anyways we castrated him and let him go. Then we went after fat albert. This was a different fight. He was already in his pen. The Mexican vaquero (Élder Jimenez) went in and lassoed him up. The brother then corned the defeated swine and we trashed caned him in a blue bin. Upside down in the bin we hold on to the legs, I held on to the bin and we finished his family history. That was hard work. So afterwards we went over to the pool and took a breather. Afterwards we went to Burritos Piñon where a little Menonito kept looking at me like I was his cousin or something.
So, this week Wednesday we used up the last bit of gas so we have been bathing with cold water all week but finally today the gas came in the morning so I was looking forward to a nice warm shower to take away the smell of pig. Well the gas came but as our house has no water pressure the water left. After having heating up a bunch of warm water in the boiler I took a cold shower using a bucket. But after all of it, it´s nice not to smell like pig.
So right now, some of the investigators that we taught at the FHE (Family Home Evening) showed up and are right here next to me watching me type. It´s a little bit weird but the good thing is that they can’t read English so they have no idea what I’m saying.
So, what we also did this week was that we went to Big houses, Little annoying Dog. two times this week. We saw a missionary broadcast where they changed up a bunch of things like we don’t have to report as much and we have a freer schedule. Then Saturday we went for a zone conference. It was all really neat.
We also did a Noche de Hogar or family home evening. We played psychologist where you have to figure out what illness everyone has. Like everyone scratches the belly or they all speak in a Spanish accent. They really liked that. The hard thing is that they are not as clever as the Nelson family so it´s not as much fun. Everything has to be super simple. But it was pretty fun.
I think that that is all the fun things that I did this week. Have a great week. Write me.
I’ll send you photos later.

Monday, January 23, 2017

So this week was pretty cool. I heard that this week was pretty neat for you guys. This week was pretty good. I think I just said pretty in all of these sentences but it’s because it’s a pretty useful word.

Anyways, Monday we went to Big Houses, Tiny Annoying Dog. It was pretty fun there. Híjole I used pretty again. So, there we had a zone meeting. It´s really interesting because the zone has changed a lot since I first got here. There are a bunch of foreigners in the zone. Americans, Mexicans. Colombians, Guatemalans, Panamanians, Canadians, maybe a Peruvian.

Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday we stayed here and worked hard. I went on splits with the Guatemalteco. It was really cool because we ending up setting a baptismal date with a family there.

It has been really cold this week. It has also rained a bunch. It´s kind of rough because when It’s hot it doesn´t rain and when it´s cold all it does is rain and blow wind.

Friday was really interesting. We have a family that is really progressing good. I’m sure you can guess the name of the dad because its Juan. They are supper good to us. So Saturday after a lesson with them they dropped us off at another family house and they also came to pick us afterwards. So, in middle of the lesson the lights started to flicker. We were like that´s weird. Afterwards we found out that Juan had backed up into a light pole by his house and had knocked all of the power out in the whole block. It was pretty interesting.

We also went to Big Houses, Tiny Annoying Dog Saturday for interviews it was really good. It was nice to see the zone again and talk to President. It was a really good week.

Hope that y’all have a great week in school. and work and in the house.

Élder Nelson
Ascensión 1

Monday, January 16, 2017

How it going? I had a pretty rough week but right now I’m pretty excited. I really enjoyed the emails that y’all sent. 

So, this week was really hard in that we had very few lessons. There is nothing worse than walking all day. But the good news is that the weekend really pulled us through and we didn´t suffer any deficits. 

Right now, I’m in Casas Grandes because we finally are having our zone meeting. It was delayed by a week for the gasalonizo. 

I wished that I had a cool story to tell you guys but everything was pretty calm. 

Oh, Sunday it snowed/slushed. The poor elders should of show up sooner because when they got to church they were pretty soaked. It was pretty cool because it was the first snow this winter. It´s weird because it came really late. Hopefully it stays away because it is pretty rough.

I really can’t think of anything else and were pretty short of time. I love y’all it was neat to hear from you guys. Stay safe and have fun.