Monday, June 27, 2016

Here is one of the only days it has rained here in the mission.
This week was really cool. We have a family that is investigating the church. Before I got here they baptized the mom and then the dad. So we have been working with the son and daughter. We´ve almost finished the lessons with them so we decided to set a date to baptize them. I asked the son if he would be baptized and I was just super excited to ask him I almost couldn´t help smiling. I asked the son and he said yes. In fact, he and his mom were thinking about it before and they had already chosen a date. I then asked the daughter too. But she still doesn’t feel that she has received an answer that everything is true and we have been working really hard with that but I think she doesn´t really have the desire to be baptized. I asked her anyways just to see if we couldn´t make a plan. So I asked her and she shot us down. OK whatever. So we leave the appointment afterwards and my companion who knows a little bit of English turns to me and says ¨turn down for what. ¨ It was pretty funny.

This week my companion got to go to the temple. That was really cool for him because he had converts going. Since his companion who baptized with him is still in the mission we did splits and I hung out in the area around the temple. It was cool because we had some extra time so we saw the stadium of the Bravos and the big X in Juarez. 

I hope that you guys are having fun this summer. Stay safe and remember to always read the scriptures and pray. 

Love yáll lots
Elder Nelson

Monday, June 20, 2016

Here´s my supreme tacos (tacos are cleats) I use to get from the house to church and back.

So I hope you guys all had a good week. It´s kind of crazy because the kids here still aren’t out of school. I saw the pictures from the beach. I´m sure that was fun. 

So this week was really hard. Last week we had a lot of really good lessons but this week we did a lot of walking. It was kind of crazy because throughout the week we scheduled like 100,000 appointments but they all fell through. That was hard and the worst part was that we were stuck out in the sun all day. I don´t know what happened because we had about 10 investigators in the church but we just couldn´t teach hardly anyone.  

It´s kind of funny because you know how sometimes when you’re tired you catch yourself in lessons thinking about different stuff. Like reports, or investigators or food. It was funny because this week I was in a lesson and I caught myself not focus on the lesson. So I decided to retrace my thoughts and it went something like this. 

Wow it´s hot. Oh I´m so thirsty. Oh I remember there was a poster at OXXO (Seven Eleven). It was selling two waters for 20 pesos. I think that was 1.5 L each. I could buy both the water and give one to my companion or keep both or just buy one. Oh but then I have the water in the fridge back home. I could just use that...

After I retraced I just laughed at how silly it was. This whole time my companion is teaching the Plan of Salvation and I was off in the middle of the ocean.

Well that´s about all that happened this week. I hope you guys have fun in the sun. I know I will.

Elder Nelson