Monday, June 19, 2017

So, this week went by really fast. It was the week of transfers so I thought I was going to be sent to another place but I guess I’ll be staying here. We had some good things that happened and also some bad things.
The good thing is that it was Father’s Day this week. So, happy Father’s Day father. The bad thing is that I couldn’t be there to celebrate it with y’all. There was a party here in the ward but the parties back home are so much better. They said it would start at 7pm so we showed up at 7pm and there were only like 3 people. I was like no worries Mormon Standard Time.  715pm and only 5 people.  At 845pm is when we started. It was pretty good just that we only ate for like 2 minutes and then had to go home.
We ended up losing an investigator. That was really sad. He split up from his wife and went to go live with his mom.  It was sad because we were going to baptize the family but now he lives in a different ward.
Good news is that we found a new investigator. He’s super interested in the gospel. It was really cool because when we found him he was worshiping the Santa Muerte but now he doesn’t and he prays to God and reads the scriptures. It’s cool.
We found another family but then they left and didn’t show back up for like a week. We thought that they had crossed illegally because they said that the dad was on the other side illegal and the kids weren’t studying.  I was like they’re cruzing but then they showed back up. That’s good.
Interesting fact. Here yam is camote but cahuamote is a big beer so when they served us camote I got really confused to why they were calling it big beer. Funny.
Anyways I hope that you all have a great week. Stay safe.

Friday, June 9, 2017

So, this week was pretty good. If you guys remember last week I told y’all about our investigator that was having problems with chastity with her boyfriend in the jail. Anyways so this week we got a call from her boyfriend who’s in jail. He talked to us about it and said a lot of things but the coolest thing is that he said that they fasted and prayed and decided that they were going to have to wait until after they get married. I was like are you kidding me that is great. She’s going to be baptized next weekend. That should be cool. 

Friday when you guys were passing by I was in the offices in a training meeting. I wouldn’t have seen y’all even if I tried because I was too busy taking notes. The wards right under the letters are Mariano Escobelo and Maurisio Corredor. My stake is to the east of the mountains more towards SA. (We drove through El Paso and stopped to take a picture of us waving to Spencer.) 

Sunday, the bishop chewed out priesthood while his counselor chewed out the RS on modesty. It was funny because they started out talking about how we have to tell our wives and daughters and all that not to wear miniskirts and spaghetti straps to church and all that. Then he told the men that they had to be clean shaven. Everyone was like whoa whoa whoa were we’re talking about the women yeah lets go back to talking about them. I guess they didn’t want to lose their beards. It was pretty funny. 

Well that was pretty much it. Hopefully we’ll have a good week.