Monday, April 24, 2017

This week has been pretty good. On Wednesday I got the package you guys sent me with lots of sweets. Thanks guys. That same day we had a training meeting. I wished that they would of given me the package before the meeting so I could of been snacking during it. It was funny because I saw the boxes and then I saw one that was yellow and I was like I think that's one of my dad's combat boot boxes and sure enough that was it.

Its really weird thinking that in two weeks the sisters that showed up with us are going home. Time goes by really fast. 

I'm really excited because we have a baptism coming up soon. We were planing on baptizing him this week end but then we felt that it would be better to wait one more week. He´s really cool because he's like the only Investigator I have ever had that actually wants to go to church every week. He wanted to be a missionary too but he´s 2 yrs too old. It will be exciting to see him get baptized. 

Tuesday I had like my 3rd Coordination meeting with the ward mission leader that I have had my whole mission. Its like one of the callings that they always seem to give to less actives or that they just skip over. Hopefully we can help him magnify his calling. 

Well that was all that we really had this week. Its starting to get hot and my companion is kind of freaking out but its not too bad yet. 

Excited to talk to you guys this up coming month.

Love y'all lots.  

Monday, April 17, 2017

So, this week was a little bit hard. I thought that it was going to have a bunch of lessons and contacts and all that but no, they are really rude here Easter week. I had to deal with a bunch of drunks. Everyone was drunk for Easter weekend. And since the only thing that they put on the TV this week is Easter movies they were kind of fed up with religion. It was like hey do you want to hear about Jesus and they were like yeah but I’m drunk right now so come back later. But we had two really cool miracles that happened

So, Eric has a lot of time being taught and all the time we've known him as a drunken man, yet he's never been taught the Word of Wisdom. So, we went with him and taught him that he was very, very addicted to substance. We tried to help him but he could not stop. I fasted, hoping he would stop drinking. We arrived on Sunday to take him to the chapel. We asked about him and his cousin told us he was in jail. “Oh no, you have got to be kidding me!” I thought. I'm fasting to help him stop drinking and now he's in jail. That did not work. Well, later in the week we went to visit him to see how he was and he was sober. When he went to jail he could not drink and that desire was taken away. What a miracle. And this Sunday he went to church.
Already, then with the less active: Sis. Vargas has a lot of time as a member but as a week after she was baptized she became inactive. We went to visit her and encourage her to return. She was surprised that all the other missionaries stopped coming to eat. She already asked me what we wanted with her. I told her we want her to be a faithful member. Then she told us at last that she was going to pray to God and if she felt that she needed to go to church she was going to reactivate and if not that we stop coming by. Let's go then. I knew that God was going to answer she should go to church but I was afraid she would not understand the answer. Last week, I fasted and went to church. She didn’t go. I called her before the service but she told me that her daughter (an active member) had already left but that next Sunday yes. This Sunday, she went to church. It was the first time she had gone in like 5 to 10 years. I do not feel that I did much I just went and invited her and the spirit did the rest.

So that was cool. So, I have still been trying to adjust to my companion the thing that has been hardest is that he talks really weird. I don’t know if Guatemalans speak really professionally but my companion does. This week he asked me “Tendrá Josafath un baño” It goes like this in English “Shall Josafath a bathroom hath.” I was like think about what you just said. One, everyone even in Mexico has a bathroom and two stop speaking like that just say hey yo dude do you think I can use his bathroom. I thought in my head man companion you’re really irritating me. Or he says “utilizará el vaso.”—“art thou thus going to utilize thy glass?” Just tell me in Mexican. Yeah it was a little hard. I think that he thinks that we got called to like Milan Italy or Perth Australia but no we got chosen to trail the dusty roads of Juarez and they don’t speak quite as professionally as my companion. He just showed me what they do in Guatemala for Easter. They make a Judas doll and they collect bread and then they hang and burn the doll.

I also got locked out of the house today. It wasn’t fair because I had the keys and everything. We tried opening the door but we almost broke the key opening it. But it didn’t open. I thought well there are five windows and all have super heavy duty iron bars so I can’t get in that way. There are two doors each with two doors and this door is jammed and the other is locked from the inside out. I can’t crawl down through ducts because I’m too fat from all of the tortillas. So, we borrowed a screwdriver from the neighbor to climb down the ducts then we thought twice and decided that it probably only works in James Bond so we used the screw driver because everything else was inside the phone my shoes everything. We used it to break away a little bit of mesh wire to get my hand down on the other side and take off the lock. I think that my companion was really stressed out because he almost killed me when I made a joke. I thought it was funny. Anyways we made it in. Stupid door; Unloyal and all. 

Well that was the week. Hope it rains someday to show my companion what it’s like to contact in the rivers. 

Monday, April 3, 2017

So, on my birthday, my president of the mission gave me a son in the mission (Spencer is training a new missionary). That was pretty cool. It was weird because I saw a bunch of my old friends and companions heading home. I realized that I’m getting older in the mission. 

So, my new companion is from Guatemala. That makes two in the district. Everyone thinks that he´s from Medidad Yuc and that I’m from Utah so it’s pretty even. This makes the 5th nation in my list of companions: Mexico, United States, Colombia, Bolivia and Guatemala. 

The area is getting a little bit better. My new companion is an angelito (little angel). He reminds me a lot of Sam (one of Spencer’s best friends).

This week we got hit by a giant sand storm. My companion was pretty surprised but that’s how it is here. It wasn’t fun because we were outside all day and everything fell; the appointments and tress and everything. The worst part was that nobody was in the road or if they were I couldn’t see them. While we were suffering, the sisters were in the president’s house eating waffles. Just because she’s the sister training leader thing she got a pleasant waffle day instead of an almost pepper spray in the face kind of day. 

Then we had General Conference. The president had a sale of “if they go to three or more sessions of conference then you can count each one up to three like Sundays." I was super excited but because the chapel is like 20 minutes in car from the house and everybody watched it at home we pretty much got screwed over and only had one show up in the last session.

The best part of General conference was when Pres Uchtdorf said that sleep was the healthiest thing we could do. I had just downed two hamburgers so I thought about being healthy and took a 30 minute snooze. 

Anyways, that was my week. Cleaned the house again. Until next week same time same correo (mail).