Monday, March 27, 2017

Man, well your guy’s week was like really cool. I kind of feel like my week was nothing in comparison with what you all did. So, I’ve kind of been stressed out all week because Monday I found out that Heidi got her mission call but I didn’t know what it was so I waited patiently all week just thinking about the calls. I asked around and was like where do you think my siblings are going to go. Everyone pretty much said the US or South America. I thought that Heidi was going to stay state side but speaking ASL and Marshall was going to come to CDJRZ to be my companion. But no, you guys got really cool missions. It´s cool that Heidi is going to Italy and will learn Italian. I feel like that is the most beautiful language in the whole world. Marshall, I know that they told you that you are going to speak English in Australia but you’re pretty much going to be speaking a completely different language. My companion from Bolivia and supposedly speaks Spanish but I have to really pay attention when I listen to him and sometimes I have to translate what he says to the investigators.

I can understand 70% of Italian. It’s really similar to Spanish; just prettier. Seriously if you understand Spanish you can understand Portuguese and Italian and a bit of French. I sometimes listen to ‘How Rare a Possession’ in Italian because it takes place in Italy. I can understand it and it’s a lot prettier. I want to learn German so that I can talk to the menones here

So, this week my cycle ended so we got the changes. My companion got changed to another ward in the zone. Then they told me that I was going to train elder Yoc. Yoc in Spanish sounds like Joke or Jock so I was like what? but I’m happy to train again. I’m going tomorrow to pick him up. 

We had another lesson in English. I was talking the whole time and every once in a while, I turned to my companion and was like do you want to say something and he was like don’t be stupid I have no idea what to say or how so I was like ok that´s cool. I ended up setting a baptism date with her so that was cool. The hard part is going to be getting the permission from her mom who lives in El Paso.

I figure that the tourism in Italy and Australia is a lot different from here. In Italy, it’s like pretty cathedrals and fountains and monuments and stuff like that. In Australia: kangaroos and rock formations. This week we went sightseeing. We went to a monument where it had the names of 18 jovenes (young boys) that were killed in a party. So, I think that it’s a little bit different. Let’s just say that the tourism here is more like terrorism than anything else. 

So, that was the week. I hope to send pictures next week. Slightly jealous but really excited for Heidi and Marshall.

Monday, March 20, 2017

That´s really cool that were going to Georgia. I was a little bit worried that it was going to be Utah or something like that. I think that it´s funny that we’ll be in Houston County. I was just really glad it’s going to rain like every month at least. I have been a month in Cd Juarez and the weather hasn´t changed one bit. It just gets hotter.

So, this week was cool because I had divisions with the ZL (zone leader). I was pretty happy to get away from my companion for a little bit and be junior companion for a day. It was like a day at the spa; no worries, no headaches: nada. The other cool thing is that I went with Elder Gerrat. He´s my step brother in the mission and he speaks English. I mejored (bettered) my English like 100% with him. I started thinking in English again. It was kind of funny too because I went to Parajes my old ward and I met some of the members again. They didn’t remember me because I was only there one cycle but it was cool. We did a service project painting a lady´s gate. It was funny because the last time I was there we painted half of the gate and she didn’t like the color. So, I came back and finished painting it a different color. 

So, I think that I beat you guys. y’all thought you was guna move first but I moved before y’all. (sorry, just gettin ready fur Georgia). Right now, we are living in the house of what was the sister missionaries house. The secretaries of the mission came and dropped off an ac unit like the one your guys have (because the mission president has money and feelings) Then after getting our hopes up they crushed it by telling us that today we had to move everything over to the old house that looks like cardboard box in comparison with this mansion (the sisters always have great houses). This house has carpet but the other has laminate on almost all of the floor. It´s just missing a bit of tiles. We had to clean both houses last week and this week we have to organize them both. So, ha we won. After having to move houses, when I saw Georgia and just the fact that its guna rain. I was pumped.

Anyways that was pretty much my week. we got a less active to go to church. We pretty much ticked of the wife of the second counselor to the bishop last Sunday. We asked her to go pick up an investigator. She got lost and when she found the investigator he was drunk and didn’t want to go to church. Running late, she chewed out my companion because she was going to give a talk and she didn’t want to miss the sacrament. We were like two dogs with our tales in between the legs when she came in. I didn’t even know who she was but I was scared. Anyways she gave here talk on forgiveness and I felt a bit better. She got to church on time, just so y’all know, so it was all for nothing.

Anyways excited to hear next week where Heidi and Marshall are going. Send me a video please. 

See y’all next week

Monday, March 13, 2017

So, this week was a little bit rough for me. The work here is really slow and I don´t know why. Also makes it a little hard because it’s a bit hard to get along with my companion. He’s a little bit stubborn and sometimes I’m also a little bit stubborn so we kind of clash. I feel that it´s been a good learning experience. It´s helped me learn a bunch but it´s like getting growing pains. It makes you want to cry but you know that in the long run you’ll be glad you went through it. 

We found a really cool family. Well actually it was a reference from one of the people in the Del Sol ward. It was pretty cool because they wanted to go to church and everything just that they didn’t answer the phone on Sunday so we couldn’t go pick them up.

So, Sunday night they told us that we were going to change church buildings the next Sunday. We were like why didn’t you guys announce it in the sacrament meeting. And they were like oops. Anyways so we found out like Friday that it was going to be in a different stake at a different time and everything for 14 weeks while they take out the duct system and replace it. So, Sunday we caught a ride with a member. We got lost because we didn’t even know in what road it was but we found it. 

Sunday we spoke almost 100% English. Well I tried to speak 100% English but a few pero and hijoles slipped out. First, we went and taught the granddaughter of a member who is from El Paso. That was hard. It was funny because in the lesson I laughed and my companion laughed too. I turned and asked him what was so funny and he was like IDK. Then we went to give a blessing to a US Marine that was going to Iraq for the first time. That was pretty cool because it was like I know what it´s like too. I even got to give the blessing in English. It was pretty cool. When I saw him walk out of the room he was super ripped. I was like I think that´s the Marine for sure. 

So, that was pretty much the week. I hope that the next week we have something cool to tell you guys.