Monday, August 7, 2017

So, this week was pretty good. I got sent back to Azteca Ward. It´s pretty funny because I was here like 14 months ago and everyone is like elder I have seen you before where did I see you and I’m like right here but like a year and a half ago. It’s funny also because the elder who was here before me was named Thompson and I’m Nelson, it’s like the same name just shorter. And then the crazy thing is that I found out that Elder Thompson is also a Spencer. Weird right.  

I love the house here because it has a washing machine. What a blessing I mean seriously washing by hand is a little bit of a pain in the rear end. The bad thing is that he we don’t have a kitchen sink we wash the dishes in the bathroom sink. That’s really weird.  

Anyways, so we decided today that we were going to go jump over the puddle like they say it here. I sent you fotos in the google drive. It’s pretty cool. You can see the Rio Bravo and the X and El Paso and the line. We had to pay 4 pesos or a quarter to get over the bridge getting back was free. So cool. My mission was Tex-Mex. 

Our district is pretty cool. I’m from Ohio, my companion is from Chiapas MX, the other elders are from Dallas TX and La Republica Dominicana. The Tejano his dad is from Germany and the Dominican his dad is Gallego (Spain) and his abuelo is Retired Spanish air force. Cool right.

It’s a pretty cool district. I’m glad to be back here. It’s weird getting a bunch of emails from everyone because now Heidi and Marshall I mean Sorella Nelson y Elder Nelson are in the mission

Anyways enjoy the fotos

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

So last night We received the changes. I’m going to go to a newish area tomorrow. They’re sending me back to Azteca. When I got the changes I was like what? Azteca again. The good thing is that it is the other Azteca, same ward different area. the S-mart (store) will be right in front of my house which is good. It’s a little crazy. I realized yesterday that when I was there about a year and a half ago a sister left to go on her mission and that I will be in the ward again to see her come home. It’ll be like hey how was it. And she be like you’re still here. Oh well. 

I got your letter that you wrote on a paper towel today. (I wrote a letter to him while the movers were packing our things into the moving truck. We had a roll of paper towels at home. I didn’t steal it from the church.) I was like man we must be pretty poor if my mom is using the paper from the church bathrooms to write me. Then I saw how long it was and I felt like the king’s servant reading the new rules to all the peasants. Jk

Well I don’t have very much to say. we had a baptism last Saturday. It was a bit of a bummer because we told everyone about it and put it Saturday at 7pm and only like 3 families showed up and only because we asked them to give talks. Then Sunday morning the sisters had a baptism and everyone and their chihuahua was there. 

It was cool to see the photos of Sorella Nelson y Elder Nelson. Funny because Elder in Italian is almost the same as Spanish Anziani y Anciano it’s just that we don’t like it that they call us old farts so we use Elder instead. 

Now you have to read three missionary emails. Y’all must feel like mission presidents. So in that case I had 30 lessons 1 baptism. Jk.

Well see y’all next week.

Monday, July 24, 2017

So this week was a pretty good week. We actually had a really cool spiritual experience this week. 

So on Monday we were contacting in the street and we stopped and started talking to this one guy. We invited him to hear the message and he said sure so we started talking. We shared the message and all and it felt normal. We made an appointment and left. Then we got a phone call from a sister who lives in a different ward in a different stake in the mission. Last week she had wanted to go with us to visit her friend who lives in our area. We were planning on meeting in the towers but because of her schedule we never really got to go to the reference. The week before she had canceled like three times. She calls us and is like did you guys contact this guy. I was like yesss. And she was like this was the reference. Apparently that night she posted the Book of Mormon in Facebook and her friend was like look what I have (the Book we had given him). the friend thought that the member had sent us to find him and she was like no they just follow the spirit and showed up´. That was pretty cool.

Other than that, we have been fighting against dust storms all week. Last week was wet and this week dusty. I sent y’all a video of the companionship in the adjacent area when the storm hit. Crazy right. When we got hit I was walking past a spot where the bus always picks up the factory workers and I saw that someone had dropped their safety glasses. Oh, I was so happy. I wore those glasses so happy and then my companion was like hey man you’re more use to this than me so I gave him the glasses. Its really weird how that works but the people who live in Juarez almost don’t feel the dust. Like I feel it hit my eyes but they’ve gotten used to it and it doesn’t hurt as much as my companion that is almost paralyzed by it. 

Then yesterday we were walking home at night and off in the distance it was raining and lightening. And we saw some big lightning. So, we’re walking home and suddenly the street lamps turn on right above us but it turned on kind of slow or I don’t know but the way it turned on me and my companion thought that a lightning was going strike us. We almost had a heart attack because everything got bright. Then we realized that it was the street lamp and we started laughing.

Crazy stuff. Can’t wait to see two new missionaries on Wednesday. Have a great week