Monday, December 26, 2016

So, Christmas was really fun. I’m really glad that I got to talk to you guys. Just about all of the other missionaries had problems except for me so I was really glad. It was cool to hear from you guys. It´s really funny because y’all sound just like the white people here in Casas Grandes. I guess y’all must be related.
Christmas, we went around singing Christmas songs to a bunch of investigators and less actives. The Mexican elder can play the guitarra so we sounded a lot better. I think that the coolest song we did was Feliz Navidad. The two Latin elders sang the Spanish and then us Americans, we came in with the English. It was pretty cool.
We ate so much food. Christmas Eve we ate with the same members that loaned us their computers. They first gave us posoli (a soup with soft corn nuts) then they gave us a plate with ham, and vegetables, and tamales, pasta. By this point I was stuffed. Then the sister said, you guys want turkey. Noooooo. Then came pie. We had to get it to go.
Then on Christmas, we got tameles, posoli, menudo (cow stomach), turkey, ham, cake, a Ferrero Rocher, Champorada (Mexican hot chocolate with corn). I’m still full.
Well if you guys have any questions that I didn´t answer send them to me and I will gladly answer them. I don´t even think that I said hi to Price so Price if you have any pruguntotas para me give them please.
Love y’all lots. Tell me what Santa brought.
Elder Nelson

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

I guess that it has been a pretty white Christmas for you guys from what I’ve heard. I think that it is really cool that y’all are in Idaho or Utah or back in Texas, I’m not really sure where y’all are but it’s pretty cool.
This week went really good for us. We ended up having 32 lessons this week. Both of the areas in La Chona have been having a lot of success. We ended up having 12 at church 9 of which were ours. It´s actually really funny because our investigators show up before the members. We have 9 baptismal dates in the approaching weeks so we are really happy.
We had the missionary Christmas party on Thursday. President Owen, Family Call and Family Jones hosted the party in Casas Grandes. It was pretty fun we got to sing and eat and get gifts. I got socks in the white elephant game. My companion got a razor, I think that it was pretty fair, I needed socks and I don´t hardly have to shave.
I got my giant box which was awesome, thank you. I was pretty happy. But then when we were walking back to omnibus with my box I thought twice about receiving so much candy. My arms just about fell off on the way back. But its ok, like they say in Mexico. Vale la pena. it was worth it.
I’m gonna skype y’all the 24 at 2pm my time. if you’re in Utah that’ll be 2, if you’re in Texas it’ll be 3. If you’re in France you’ll have to figure it out.

Tell the Trejos thanks for the letter and Aunt Susan as well.
Love ya lots we’ll talk more the 24th. Have stories and preguntas (?) ready.
Elder Nelson

Monday, December 12, 2016

Finally,. I’ve been having computer problems all day. First, it doesn´t want to wake up, then the firewall thinks that the missionary portal is evil so I had to go around my thumb to get to the portal. But now I’m on so that’s good. 

Well it looks like yáll are having a great week. Sorry about the finals, I would help you but it´s hard for me to count how many lessons we had every day and we usually don’t have more than 4. So. Math-no. I didn´t even remember that it was Tanners birthday until right now (happy birthday Tanner) so history-no. When I try talking in English I sound like a two year old so English-tampoco. SO sorrry.  

This week we had a really busy but good week. 

Friday, we had our fiesota. Here the Christmas party in the branch is called la posada. We had about 20 investigators show up. We served cow stomach soup and lamb soup. We sang Christmas songs and I got to serve everybody all day every day. We also had champorada which is like hot chocolate but 100 times better. Afterwards we had a piñata and then we cleaned up the church. It was pretty cool. They also served cake but we ran out of forks so we had to eat it with our fingers. 

Saturday, we had a training meeting or zone conference. President pretty much changed every rule we had since the 1930s. No-but there were a lot of changes. They changed the schedule we have. They also increased the minimum lessons from 22 to 30 each week. We can go to the temple now every 6 months and a bunch of other stuff. I’m excited to see some of the changes because I know that it will help but sometimes it´s hard to change my mode of thinking. 

Sunday, we had 7 investigators in the church. I was really happy about that. Maybe if we told the other 13 that we were going to give water and bread on Sunday maybe they would have come as well. But the truth is that it went really well. We were also able to put dates with three families for the baptism which was really cool. 

Well I have to go but I hope that you guys have a great Christmas break.

Elder Nelson